Tasklet Factory

Tasklet Factory has developed a first-class warehouse solution. A handy handheld computer solution for warehouse workers that connects directly to Business Central. The system is user-friendly and easy to install. The company sells both equipment and the solution works on phones and smart devices with Android operating system.

With the handheld computer, you can receive, complete, move or order products to order, record changes to the handheld computer, perform inventory counts, adjust quantities, see what's in the compartment, locate goods in a warehouse and print to barcodes, delivery notes and more. The warehouse employee does not have to go to the office but can do everything directly from the handheld computer.

Tasklet Factory

In short

  • User-friendly interface that guides users
  • Direct connection to Dynamics Business Central
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Easy to customize for warehouse flow, or remove unused buttons
  • Easy to count and see product placement by barcodes
  • Printing of barcodes and more, directly from a computer
  • Printing of barcodes and more, directly from a computer
  • Documents booked directly from a handheld computer, e.g. sales orders and or receipt
  • Improved management of spare parts
  • Product numbers are directly related to product barcodes and locations that reduce the risk of mistakes

Tasklet Factory

System features

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