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Wise Municipalities

Modern solutions that meet the demands of the public sector

Wise helps communities effectively serve their citizens through innovative solutions.

Built to serve

The Wise solution enables municipalities to become more efficient by leveraging automation and built-in best practices and allows municipalities to manage a wide range of complex projects, tasks and responsibilities all in one place.

Choose a solution that is built to serve the needs of the citizens. 

Lean but accurate

Wise Municipalitities is a family of solutions that fulfills the strict requirements enforced for budgeting and planning in the public sector. At the same time the solutions remains lean and easy-to-use. 

Wise enables municipalities to

Maintain fiscal accountability

Transparent financials and clear fiscal accountability that follows strict requirements of the public sector.

Streamline workflows

Simplify workflows and avoid duplication of work or unnecessary  manual steps.

Leverage self-service web interfaces

Modern solutions that enable citizens to self serve.

Social welfare and education modules

Dedicated solutions that are tailored to the social and education sector. 

Enjoy support for green accounting

Easy to use steps to follow green accounting guidelines.

Integrated digital wallet solutions

Leverage digital wallet solutions that automatically integrate into back-end operations.

A tailor-made fit built through partnership and trust

Wise has partnered with Icelandic municipalities for more than 20 years to not only gain their trust, but to develop a suite of solutions in a way that fits them just right. This experience has enabled us to form a unique understanding of municipalities’ needs, resulting in repeated success within the Icelandic market. Almost 80% of municipalities in Iceland choose Wise.

Wise offers 10+ solutions for municipalities and has been developed in partnership with municipalities since 2001

Wise delivers innovative solutions for the public sector because

  • We understand the complex needs of municipalities
  • We put a high focus helping municipalities simplify and streamline their operations
  • We leverage feedback we have gotten from our users over the years to fine-tune the solution

Key parts of the system include

  • Financial management & budgeting

  • Social welfare management

  • Utility management

  • Harbor management

  • Integrations with 3rd party systems

  • Property tax management

  • Digital solutions for citizens

  • Asset management

We are a proud partner of Microsoft

Wise is a gold partner with Microsoft and as such we have 

As a Gold Partner, we have met Microsoft's most stringent requirements and belong to a group of companies that have comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft solutions.

We use that knowledge to serve our customers and help them choose solutions, implementation and services that suit their needs.