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Optimization consists of making full use of the technology available to companies so that employees do not have to carry out tasks that are repetitive and prone to typing errors. Employees have time to do what really matters and create value for the company.

Processes in Finance is a consulting solution where we review processes and procedures and come up with advice and solutions that increase staff productivity and streamline operations. The solution applies to processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and related special systems. The consultant covers the main things that can be refined:

  • Emphasis on automation of processes and constant flow of data
  • Electronic solutions - invoices, contracts and agreements.

What is included?

  • Preparatory analysis of financial processes
  • Increased automation and digital transformation
  • Where you can make better use of the system
  • Wise specialist systems
  • Installation of automatic functions
  • Automatic data entry from banks
  • Automatic reading of electronic invoices
  • Automatic data transmission
  • Automation on invoice entry with demands sent to bank
  • Automatic approvals for unapproved invoices
  • Automatic sending of electronic invoices