Business Solution II

Your subscription includes hosting and backup in Microsoft Azure, service and update contracts, unlimited transactions and free access for external bookkeepers and auditors.

Business Solution II includes a database with financial accounting along with systems for customers, creditors, purchasing, sales, stock, assets and work accounting.

An unlimited number of companies and regular updates.

You can choose your own subscription model and calculate estimated cost of subscription and setup.

Business Solution II

In short

  • Very low setup costs
  • You can change the number of users each month
  • No need to purchase server hardware or software licences
  • You know what it will cost every month
  • Save and backup your data in a state-of-the-art technical environment
  • User-friendly solution customized for your role which gives a good overview of what matters most for you.
  • Add special solutions customized for your operation

Business Solution II

System features

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