Power BI


Get a better overview of your business and make informed decisions with BI.

Business Intelligence utilizes the data of ERP systems and turns them into useful and graphical information that is easy to use and interpret. Power BI dashboards are interactive, graphical, and easy to share with other users. They give a good insight into the company financials and to spot operation opportunities and risks.

Power BI

Wise Dashboards

Wise dashboards display real-time information on key information from Business Central in the cloud, helping you make more informed decisions and a better overview of your business.

To use the Wise dashboards, you need to have the Wise Insights Connector app installed along with a Power BI Pro license. It is very easy to download both the app and the dashboard, it is done in Microsoft's AppSource marketplace.

Dashboards and licenses are paid for with a monthly subscription.

Power BI Dashboard with Business Central in the Cloud

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