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Wise offers specialist business information solutions which provide a many-faceted view of key information and allow you to distribute that information in an understandable way. Get a clearer view of your operational data.

Short description

Real time data are the prerequisite for smart decisions

Viðskiptagreind Wise er sérhannað umhverfi fyrir úrvinnslu gagna úr Dynamics 365 Business Central sem og tengdum kerfum og miðlun verðmætra upplýsinga. Hugbúnaðurinn vinnur jafnt á raungögnum sem og OLAP teningum (Business Intelligence) með vöruhús gagna sem millilag og bjóða þar með upp á margvíslegar leiðir til að rýna rekstrargögn og veita yfirsýn yfir reksturinn. Uppsetningin er einföld og fljótlegt er að tileinka sér kerfið.

Simple and easy

The Wise Analyzer analytics tool provides a diverse view of financial, customer, creditor, inventory, and work accounting information. Users can easily change and save their views and give others access. There is no longer a need to print reports because users can easily access information at any time.


Reports and other information

Wise reports allow users to subscribe to or retrieve reports with key business figures such as finances, operations, customer service, or human resources.
Information is updated either in real-time or at a specific point in time and is passed on to users in a manner that suits them.

Power BI

The Power BI desktop presents your analysis visually. With this solution, customers can create an interactive interpretation of data and reports.

Connect, merge, model and present your data in a convenient and simple way. Present the subject exactly as you want it! Analyse, explore data and share content with your team by publishing it through the Power BI web service.

Wise Cubes

A Wise BI cube can be viewed with Wise Analyzer from different angles. Choose from financial, inventory, sales and contracting.

Related solutions

Connect to a range of useful solutions in addition to special solutions in the field of business intelligence, for example:

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